Happy Halloween

Okay! Here we are Halloween!!

To be honest my Italian heritage leads me to rationally think that this “celebration” is a bit “silly”. For us the day is the 1st November and it’s the celebration of the glory of all saints. The following day is the commemoration of all our dearest friends and family that unfortunately are not with us anymore. So when I was a child I never dressed up like a ghost, a pumpkin, a zombie or anything like that. No one of my friends or people I knew did it. We usually went to the cemetery to visit and pray for our dears’ souls. It was and still is a religious event.

Nowadays things changed a bit and we became victim as well of the American theme.  I think it’s American right? I mean all the idea and the theme party. Well, so now also in Italy children dress up and ask neighbours for treats and adults are just dressing up to go out and party! 🙂

Now I personally see it as an opportunity to have fun especially if you have kids. You can dress them up, snap few photos, carve the pumpkins, decorate the house . . .  have fun as a family!  So here are just a few pics I took of my little one. Feel free to let me know what you did too!

happy halloween

Happy Halloween

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