Everyday Life Captions

Although I have tons and tons of photos of my daughter of the past year, I just realized that most of them done with my DSLR are the “planned”ones: her newborn session, her three months session, six months session, cake smash . . . and so on with probably every month stage.  These are photos that I have hung on the wall or printed in albums.

Then I have other tons of photos on my IPhone, those everyday life photos you take at home, out at the playground, at parties, at various schools and courses, at friends’, well everywhere because I always carry the IPhone with me, it’s light and easy to use! Right? All those pictures are on my computer and rarely look at them, so I am missing some good memories and moments!

So today I picked up my camera and took some shots of my principessa while she was playing and made a promise to myself to use it more for home and everyday captions! This way it’s more likely I will print those images and they won’t be forgotten in some digital archives!!

Please try to use your camera more often too and capture your children as much as you can! I know digital files are tempting but print out your photos and create albums or scrapbooks, you will love to look through them from time to time. It could be even a project to do with kids, or they can make their own album if old enough. I think I will post soon some photo ideas you can take with your children. So stay tuned and follow me



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