Maternity photography Battersea London

A couple of weeks ago I went to Shadwell to photograph a beautiful mum to be.

I meet her 6 years ago in Australia, when we were both backpacking and partying down-under. A totally different life back then . . . I would never thought to see each other again in London a few years after: me with a daughter of almost 2 years and her with a big belly!! I wrote about my travels on a blog called “What a beautiful life” but I can say that life is even more beautiful now, this blog should be called like that 🙂  A child is so much joy!!

I was very happy to see her and honored to create memory she will enjoy forever. She had unfortunately a difficult pregnancy and the session was a bit hard for her too, so we finish early but I think there are some great shots anyway. Well done Amparo. I’m looking forward to meet the little baby girl!

If you are thinking to have a maternity session, remember to book it around the 35th week to still feel comfortable and beautiful! And every mum to be looks beautiful and fabulous.



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