Almost Two – Maternity Clothing Tips

Maternity session are always more popular and the question everybody is asking is “What should I wear?”

So I thought to write a quick post with some tips and ideas. As a general guide:

• Choose clothing that is slightly clingy and stretchy to show off your form (cotton blends, silks, rayons)

• Slightly form-fitting dresses that cling to your bump rather than hang off of it can be very elegant

• Wraps, textured scarves, and saris create a whimsical, artistic look

• Jeans and stretchy maternity pants are always a hit

• Dark colors and especially black can be slimming on camera

I want to share some ideas so you can get inspirations to create your own look!!

Lace Yesterday
A lovely lace dress with a flattering a-line cut allow you and baby to stay cool and comfortable during the shoot! A parasol adds vintage elegance while providing shade in an outdoor session. Accessorize with a splash of color – aqua looks fabulous! – to add interest to your images. Flats and low-heel shoes keep you safe and comfortable.


Coral Breeze
Coral is a lovely color for photo shoots both indoor and outdoors! A long, flowy maxi dress keeps you comfortable while allowing you to show off your baby bump. Natural fiber accessories, such as a straw hat and woven bag, add casual elegance to your look. Sandals look great and feel great with long dresses and prevent your feet from overheating!


Colorful, sweet, and fun just because you’re about to be a mom doesn’t mean you’re not a kid at heart! Red and white carnival stripes are flattering and fun. A pair of stretch-top pants keep you and baby extremely comfortable. Red accessories make your images a playful affair. And let’s not forget the best part… adding a sugary treat, like a striped lollipop, keep you focused and enjoying yourself!


Baby Blues
Bright, modern, comfortable. Try a stretchy wrap on top, creating a flattering look for mom while also showing off that bump! Bright, bright accessories add amazing color to your photos and help to keep things looking modern. Flats are comfortable, casual, and stylish for warm weather and keep you and baby safe!


Okay my dear mums-to-be that’s it for now, I hope this post can be helpful!


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