“Really?” I said

Yesterday when I picked up my daughter from nursery she told me she wanted to have some photos taken.

“Really?” I said

I actually needed some photos to renew her passport so I took her to get those done. But she was a bit grumpy and she looks kind of scared in that photo. Anyway they say it’s good for the passport.

Then went home and she still wanted some photos…. again “Really?”

She will be 3 next month and in those years, well, she had tons of pictures and most of the time she didn’t want them, like every other children 🙂 And when I say she doesn’t want it, she doesn’t want it!

Seen.. I told you! Ahahahaha And I was just using my iPhone!

Anyway I changed her clothes, I took my camera, an old suitcase and we went to the park. Mummy’s joy!

She truly enjoyed it and here is what she gave me! A big laugh ❤

So I leave you with this image and a quote to remember!



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