Non Friday review! Just photography and fun.

Today is Friday and I usually do a Friday review on a product or a service that I like. Unfortunately this morning I woke up and my computer decided not to start.

So today I spent the morning in the park with my daughter. It was such a lovely sunny morning and we looked for conkers, we picked up leaves, very big leaves to take home and use them for crafty projects. We had a nice time!
When we got home I tried my computer one more time but still not working… so we played all day!! 😀

We cooked together and now I am sitting down on the carpet with her and I’m dictating this post to my phone! She’s talking as well sometimes so I hope there are no “strange” words in here. Ahahha
Anyway pretty cool!! And fast too!!
(Well I could never write a post on phone)

Have a nice weekend.

Andy because every post has pictures here a few from this morning taken with my phone and without my usual pretty frame.



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