Newborn Photography Clapham – Baby Scarlett

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our heart”

-Winnie the Pooh-

This is one of my favourite quotes and in a few words it says so much. A newborn really takes up most room in a parent’s heart and to be honest every time I have a newborn with me I get pretty emotional and part of my heart goes to that little baby too. There is so much excitement and happiness around a newborn and I am truly grateful to capture such a precious moment.

A few weeks ago I photographed this cute baby girl who came to my studio at 10 days old.

She was awake nearly all the time, so mum probably had some time off in the afternoon 😉 but we manage to get some nice images and a couple of different props.

So let me introduce you to baby Scarlett and her mum.

newborn_photography_battersea_clapham newborn-photography-clapham-battersea newborn_photography_battersea_clapham_london newborn_photography_photographer_-clapham_battersea_london newborn_mum_photography_clapham_battersea

Newborn | Baby Photography Clapham | Battersea | London

5 thoughts on “Newborn Photography Clapham – Baby Scarlett

  1. Oh my goodness. I wish I had newborn pictures like this of my children! Mom is going to be in love! Clapham is a lucky to have such an amazing newborn photographer!

  2. I love her name, Scarlett, how perfect! It’s great to see such talent from a newborn photographer in Clapham, keep up the lovely work!

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