End of the Year!

Wow! I cannot believe 2014 has nearly gone.

It has been a great journey and professionally I am delighted to have worked with some great people. I really love what I do and every baby, child, mum-to-be fills my heart with love and happiness. It has been a privilege having every one of you as a client and I feel honoured every time someone chooses my service and decides to trust me with their little ones.

2014 would not have been such without your continuing support and love.

I truly thank you!


On the personal side this year had highs and lows: I lost my beloved family dog after 11 years together, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and luckily after surgery and treatments everything seems to be fine, I ended up at the hospital myself but we recently won a weekend to Paris, my little girl is the greatest joy every day and she just learnt how to ice skating by herself and to whistle :), we had a nice family holiday in Malta, I have been accepted as an official RMB volunteer photographer and I started a personal project for Africa.

I wish you happiness and joy for every day of the new year!

With love,

Valentina x

7 thoughts on “End of the Year!

  1. Wow… your year really has been a bit of a roller-coaster! Thanks for sharing your 2014 journey, and all the best for a fabulous 2015. (Beautiful photos, by the way – you are a fantastic Baby & Children’s Photographer! ) – Mandy x

  2. What a year! Your work as a children’s photographer is amazing. I am sure 2015 will bring in many new and old faces for your newborn and children’s photography. Congratulations on becoming an RMB volunteer photographer, such an honor to provide services for families.

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