Lifestyle family photography – little Harry

I really enjoy photographing families!

Maybe you remember this sneak peek I posted late last year with the quote:

“A family is a little world created by love”

I think in that image you can really see love and happiness. I love the natural expression they have there. Harry is 2 and a half and a very active and running boy! Let’s say he kept me fit during the session 😉

I always recommend to go to a local park or to any open space with active toddlers because they have fun, they act natural and there are beautiful scenery! We went to Wandsworth Commmon in Clapham and even if it was a cold and misty morning I think we did well! The most frustrating part is that when we finished the session the sun came out and it was a really nice day!!

A lifestyle portrait session is perfect for a family with young children. It’s like having a family day out in the park playing and walking around. I don’t like posing too much, I’d rather capture the moment, the love, the fun  . . .

Here are some photos of that session.

If you are thinking to have some family portraits get in touch and we can have a chat 🙂

Happy Friday!!


family-photographer-wandsworth-claphamchildren-photography-wandsworth-clapham family-location-photographer-wandsworth-clapham- lifestyle-family-photography-clapham children-photographer-wandsworth-claphamfamily-photography-clapham-batterseafamily-photographer-clapham-battersea

11 thoughts on “Lifestyle family photography – little Harry

  1. I love how you’ve captured this sweet family!! This is a beautiful family session shot in a way that represents the energy and fun personalities of the people in the photos!

  2. What a fun session! This little guy looks thrilled to pieces to be running with his parents chasing him 🙂

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