Newborn Photographer Clapham – baby Hugo

I met Hugo when he was still inside mummy’s bump. Mum was visiting the local fair in Northcote Road, Battersea. The family dog was there as well and we start talking about newborn photography and the possibility to include the pet as well. I love dogs and I had a labrador myself so I know how precious is to create memories with them as well.

They came to my studio when the baby was 7 weeks old, so not really a newborn any more, but still a super cute little baby. As an older baby he was quite alert and it took a while to get him to sleep. It was nice taking some photos of the baby awake, a few little expressions and when he felt asleep we had a few photographs sleeping and some with the dogs too 🙂

Let me to introduce beautiful baby Hugo.

newborn_photographer_battersea newborn_baby_photography_battersea baby_newborn_photographer_battersea newborn_baby_photography_claphambaby_newborn_photographer_clapham newborn_photography_clapham_baby_detail newborn_pet_photography_clapham


9 thoughts on “Newborn Photographer Clapham – baby Hugo

  1. What a sweet baby newborn! Love the eyelashes photo! The one with the dog is incredibly cute too.

  2. You’ve captured some sweet moments of baby Hugo! I’m sure the last shot with the dog is no easy feat either! Great job!

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