Friday Review – Barry the Fish with Fingers

I haven’t done a Friday review in a while now . . .  but sometimes I am getting caught up too much with things 😦

We recently bought the book “Barry the fish with fingers” and Amy is loving it.











We had already one of the Barry’s story and she was never tired of listening to it. Like the other there are beautiful colourful illustrations that really catch children attention. And what’s more funny than a fish with fish fingers? When you look at Barry you have to put smile on your face 🙂 Big eyes, big smile, beautiful bluish tail and “sparkling” fingers!


Barry is definitely not an ordinary fish and I like when he explains what he can do with fingers!  Knitting, painting, cutting and . . . tickling of course 🙂


The book is also about jealousy, but in a way that we all should appreciate everyone’s special talents. Barry can do a lot of things with his fingers but Puffy can blow the best bubbles ever! All the fish are different and special and have their own gift! It’s just about working together and get a better result than just working alone. And the final party is perfect!


It’s a funny story that I definitely recommend to read.

You can listen to the story here.

Have a great weekend!! 😉

(photos taken with my iPhone)



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