Sibling photos – Newborn Photography Clapham Battersea

Newborn photography is getting more and more popular. Parents want to record that special moment when the babies are so tiny and cute and adorable! And these photos are indeed very lovely 🙂

What makes this photography session even more special is having photos with the family. I always encourage moms taking part in the shoot as well. That tiny baby will no longer fit in her embraced arms and the sweet connection between them will be so unique. Dad and older children if any are of course always warmly welcome.

Sibling photos are undoubtedly priceless, parents struggle to have a nice photo of their children sometimes, especially if they are toddler. Newborn photos require a lot of patience and adding a toddler can be very challenging, sometimes more difficult than the actual newborns. The big brother or sister could be tired, overwhelmed and ignore what you say.

That’s why I’m always happy when I can deliver a nice image of the siblings to the parents, even if the session was a bit challenging.

Big Brother and little sister ❤



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