Let’s celebrate the first birthday! – Battersea Baby Photographer

The first year birthday is a big milestone for your baby. It has been a year full of emotions, achievements and surprises for both mum and baby and now it opens up an entire new stage. Celebrating the first year with a photo shoot can be a really fun way to remember this moment. Cake smash are quite popular nowadays, it is a unique and memorable session that leave you with nice images for the family and photo gifts.

Some parents however prefer a traditional session at the park as a family or some nice non-messy photos 🙂 to celebrate this special occasion.

I just want to share this studio session I had with Sophia to celebrate her first birthday. Mum brought some balloons and some great outfits, we played music and she had fun dancing and moving around.

What a fun time we had 🙂

Here a few images from the session.

Vale xx


All these photos went in a beautiful album so mum and dad can really enjoy them for years 🙂

If you are interested in the packages for cakes smash to celebrate the first year get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk you through.




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