Session Info


I take a natural approach to creating heirloom imagery for individuals and families. I love to photograph you in real, meaningful settings that convey the essence of who you are and what you love. I work hard to make sure the entire process is stress-free for my clients from start to finish, with the end result being beautifully crafted photo prints and products to be treasured for many years to come.


After an initial in-person consultation so we can get to know each other and understand what you want, I make sure you receive a guide with all the information about what to expect, clothing, session ideas and products.

On the day of your session, we’ll meet at the agreed location and time and start having fun! A portrait session can take anywhere from 1-3 hours. There’s really no rush. You should just take it easy, relax and enjoy that time as a family together. I tend not to pose or direct you too much because the result must be something natural, you have to be YOU.

Once the photos have been individually selected and retouched with great love and care, it’s time for the viewing, so you can see the end result of all our hard work and planning! This is actually the most exciting part of the experience because you are going to see your images projected on your walls sitting in the comfort of your couch. You can start transforming the house into your home deciding how to display your beautiful family photos around and I’ll be there for any advice and suggestion!


You are choosing a high customized experience that will provide you with the finest quality portraits and products you’ll treasure forever.

Session fee are £75 for children, families, pregnancy type and £90 for newborn. They include:

  • the in-person consultation to know each other and understand your needs
  • a digital guide to help you on the session with tips and clothing advice
  • my time and talent on the session day (usually there is no time restriction)
  • my time spent selecting and editing each single image
  • my time to create a slide show with all your best photos
  • the viewing session at your place to see and purchase from a variety of beautiful products

My clients typically spend between £450-£900 on various products but I offer package below that range. The initial consultation will help in understanding what you want, asking questions and creating your own package if desired.

Mini session are also available from time to time and they could be a perfect occasion if you just want to have a few prints around your house. They are usually theme or season based.

I look forward to meeting you!

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